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Pay for products using Direct Debit

Our customers have been raving about the convenience of ordering credits using the iPLATO Store. However, customers who were paying using Direct Debit were unable to use the iPLATO Store.

Until now!

We are happy to accept orders where you would like to use your Direct Debit mandate as payment.

Simply select Direct Debit as the payment method at checkout and the iPLATO Store team will top up your credits first. An invoice will be automatically raised and emailed to you. The iPLATO Finance team will then take you through billing as per the below:

If you already have a mandate setup, the iPLATO Finance team will automatically debit you for the amount you have been invoiced.

Where you do not currently have a mandate setup, the iPLATO Finance team will be in touch to set this up with you.

Should you have any issues setting up a Direct Debit mandate, the iPLATO Finance team will revise your Invoice permitting you to use a unique link to pay by credit / debit card.

This isn’t a subscription

You probably know Direct Debits from services you have subscribed to or pay over a set period of months.

However, Direct Debit is increasingly being used as a convenient payment method for one off payments.

With a Direct Debit mandate setup you simply place your order and we will process the payment automatically. Very much like you were paying by a card, except you don’t need to enter your card details every time.

You will only be charged once, you are not signing up for any form of a subscription meaning you can manage your costs.

Any problems?

Should you experience any issues setting up your Direct Debit mandate, please contact for assistance.