We’ve put together a quick FAQ on the iPLATO Store. If you have an issue that is not covered here you can email:

Something strange?

Check the Service Status page to check for any known wide-spread issues.

When do I need to purchase credits?

You only need to buy credits if your CCG/Health Board does not fund some or all of your text message credits. Centrally funded credits are managed by our Support team. If you are still not sure if you need to buy credits, you can inquire with Support via: We recommend to purchase additional credits about 4 weeks before you need them. This ensures you do not run the risk of running out.

Why was my card declined?

Please note that we currently only support American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. You may need to check the funds of your account, try another card, check the billing address is correct for the card being used, or check with your card issuer as to why the payment is being declined. Sometimes, Fraud Detection systems can trigger when a new behavior is detected – like that holiday to New York!

The reason provided to our ordering system is usually a generic error, meaning we have not been informed of the reason for the declined payment.

What happens after I purchase credits?

Once successful payment is received, our team will process your order. We will then top-up your credit allowance according to the bundle you have purchased. You will receive email updates to your Order as we work on it. If you have questions about your Order, you can either reply to your Order Confirmation email, or contact if you have not received an Order Confirmation.

I signed up for a direct debit as a payment method, can I use this on the iPLATO Store?

If you would like to pay for credits via Direct Debit, please request this by contacting iPLATO Support via:

How long does it take to process an order?

At the longest, your credits should be topped up by the next business day. Please note, we are not available to process orders on weekends and bank holidays. As mentioned above, you should order credits with plenty of notice to avoid the risk of running out.

I placed an order, but have not received an email confirmation.

Please check the Junk folder in your account. If there is nothing there then you can contact us to check on the status of your order via: It may be that the Spam filter of your account has blocked our email before it ever reached your account. If we confirm the email has been sent, you will need to contact the support desk of the organisation that manages/supports your email account to remove the filtering of our emails.

How do I get a refund or cancel my order?

For any requests about your order, you can let us know by either replying to your Order Confirmation, or emailing

How do I get an invoice?

Our Finance team email out Invoices twice a week. Please wait a maximum of 7 days before letting us know that you have not received an Invoice for your Order via: We will be happy to try emailing it again.

Can I edit my order?

Unfortunately, once your order has been placed, you can’t amend it. You request changes to your Order by either replying to your Order Confirmaton, or emailing

When is payment taken for my order?

Our card payment provider will authorise a payment as soon as you place an order. The amount may be deducted from your account some time later, this is dependent on your card issuer and bank. We do not have any control over this.

I have credits, but my messages are failing.

You should contact Support to investigate why messages are failing via: You can also check our Service Status page to see if we are experiencing a problem.